Your yard is a priority to us!

At Arbor M.D. we are serious about cleaning up after a job. Some Memphis tree service professionals leave debris in your yard when the job is over. It is our pride and promise to make sure that your yard is as beautiful after our work as it was before we began.


Cleanup may include the following:

Basic Cleanup: We, of course, remove all logs, branches, and sticks (even small ones) left behind by our tree trimming and tree removal work. If you want to keep some of the wood that we cut, we will usually stack it wherever you want it on your property.

Sawdust and Wood Chip Removal: Yes, we actually remove the saw dust and wood chips that we produce when cutting branches and tree trunks, so your yard looks nice and tidy when we're done.

Yard Ruts and Divits: Heavy logs and machinery can leave ruts and divits in your yard. We pride ourselves in our efforts to fix damage caused by tree service activities.


Arbor M.D. is the Memphis tree care service that cares about your yard.


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