Arbor MD Tree Care

Tree support cables

Our tree experts in Memphis, TN can install a supplemental tree support system that reduces property damage risks or personal injury.

When a tree has a structural defect, such as a branch with a weak attachment, it poses risk of failure, and may cause injury or property damage if left unsupported. Cables and bracing rods are the tools we use to restore the structural integrity of trees and their branches.

Our tree experts can install a supplemental tree support system that reduces these risks and helps your tree heal certain types of damage.

Support cables can be helpful for:

  • Trees with stress fractures from weather or weight
  • Large limbs that can no longer support their own weight
  • Multi-trunked trees
  • Trees with splits

Tree support for mature trees

Trees can sometimes grow in strange shapes and directions. As a mature tree’s grows, the branches may not be able to support the weight of the canopy especially during storms or in snow. Properly installed cables can help redistribute the weight load to a more central location, rather than a singular branch.


Mature trees may also have lower branches that droop lower as more weight is added with each year’s growth. Instead of pruning these limbs, arborists will sometimes recommend cables be applied to maintain a desired height.

Supporting multi-trunked trees

Cabling can reduce the odds of structural failure in multi-trunked trees. Multi-trunked trees may need this treatment because weight is placed on one side of each trunk, making it more susceptible to structural failure than trees with a single trunk.

Cabling and bracing split trees

Tree trunks can sometimes form vertical splits due to structural stress or storm damage you’re your tree develops a split, consulting an arborist is imperative to preserve the tree’s health and structural integrity.

One of our tree experts can advise you as to whether the tree should be removed entirely or if  building a support structure is a viable (and cheaper) alternative.

Contact us today if you have questions about cabling your trees.