Arbor MD Tree Care

Bad storms, strong winds and other disasters can knock trees over into your house or yard. Arbor M.D. Tree Care provides debris removal services to the greater Memphis area for residential and commercial customers as well as utility services.

Our team emergency team responders have the equipment and training to quickly respond to these safety hazards. Our goal is to get your life back to normal.

Arbor M.D. Tree Care is a licensed and insured company, so you can trust that we are fully prepared to ready to handle your tree removal.

Why use us for debris removal?

Our team is equipped to deal with everything from heavy limbs to whole tree hazards.

We use a grapple truck and other equipment to professionally and efficiently remove the waste. Our disaster team specializes in removing branches and trees from houses, cars and lawns.

If you need help removing debris you are welcome to call our office and schedule for us to clear the waste.

Emergency storm debris pick up

When storms blow through Memphis, Arbor M.D. works around the clock to clean up the mess. Ask about our 24 hour emergency tree cleanup services.

Tree rescue

When storms blow down branches, they often threaten other less damaged trees and shrubs. Our emergency crew can quickly assess the situation and devise a plan to rescue trees in jeopardy of damage from overlying debris. We can often save trees and shrubs that appear to be a complete lost.

Depending on the tree species, we may even be able to repair split limbs that look hopelessly broken.

Need debris removal? We can help!