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Tree care in Memphis

At Arbor M.D. we are very proud tree care professionals in Memphis, TN. Although tree removal is one of the things we do best, we feel that tree removal should be always be the last option.

We think of tree care as an investment. A tree can increase your home’s value or a potential hazard if it is not properly maintained. Our team of trained arborists and tree experts are here to take care of your trees throughout the year.

Proper tree care pays off

Proper tree care can:

  • Prevent potential property damage
  • Improve your property value
  • Increase curb appeal if you are selling your house
  • Improve the vitality of your trees
  • Better blooming and foliage
  • Protect trees from unwanted pests like termites

At Arbor M.D. Tree Care, we take tree care seriously by offering a variety of services to improve your trees’ health.

Tree fertilization

In their natural habitat, trees will thrive in the rich, organic soil found in wooded areas.

In our well-groomed backyards, however, trees are usually forced to compete for nutrients with other plants or our grass. Because of this, trees are usually not given adequate organic matter, like fallen leaves, to get enough nutrients for them to thrive.

At Arbor M.D. Tree Care, our tree experts in Memphis know the ins and outs of tree fertilization.

We start by analyzing the soil around the roots of your trees and shrubs. Then we develop an individualized plan for each specimen that needs fertilizer. Whether your trees need periodic surface applications or deep root fertilization, we can develop a schedule that’s right for your trees and shrubs.

Properly fertilizing your trees can help protect them from diseases, insects and even damage from harmful storms.

Root aeration

About half of a tree’s mass is underground, and roots sometimes need special care to improve their growth. Root aeration allows water, oxygen and fertilizer to more easily penetrate the soil and it provides space for root expansion.

Not all trees need root aeration, but when their roots are impacted, aeration can make a big difference in the above-ground parts of a tree.

Choose Arbor M.D. for your tree care

If you are worried about your trees’ health, contact us and we will send an expert to inspect the tree and prescribe a treatment plan. Contact us today for the best tree care in Memphis.

We are here for all your tree care needs