Tree preservation on construction sites

Construction site evaluation and preparation

Practical considerations: Trees can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your property value. Removals are costly and time consuming.

The problem: Saving established trees on construction sites can be a challenge. Construction activities not only put trees at risk of accidental above ground damage, but also compact soil around trees, doing damage to their roots.

The solution: If you want to save trees on a construction site, Arbor M.D. can help. We know how to protect trees and we can help you develop a construction activity plan, redirect foot and equipment traffic, plan trenches, and properly install fencing around valuable trees to insure tree survival.

With careful planning, we can save trees that must take damage because of construction. For example, trees whose roots need to be cut to run a trench can be kept healthy. It's important to pay attention to the basic needs of trees that must be injured by excavation. At Arbor M.D., we take care of the medical needs of your vulnerable trees and insure their proper health through the construction process.

Our procedures to prevent and heal damage will greatly improve the survival rate of trees on construction sites, and improve their health and vigor. Consult our qualified arborists as part of your construction project if it is important to keep existing trees.

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